MinneTESOL’s Strategic Plan

Approved at the Fall 2019 MELEd Conference

Outcome 1: Educate
Promoting and assisting the development of programs focusing on ESL:

  1. Strategy 1 – Provide guidance and financial support to Greater-Minnesota and Twin Cities Metro-area English language learner practitioners to host networking events such as workshops or conferences, or to create or support educational projects.
  2. Strategy 2 – Increase and diversify engagement with and among MinneTESOL members and other English language teaching professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Strategy 3 – Strengthen and reinvigorate connections and partnerships statewide to promote and assist programming relevant to English learners and English language teaching professionals.
  4. Strategy 4 – Uphold excellence for the profession through the communication of guidelines, standards, and educational policy directly affecting English learner populations in the state of Minnesota.

Outcome 2: Advocate
Voicing the socio-political and employment concerns of our members:

  1. Strategy 1 – Advocate for sound policies and practices for English language teaching locally.
  2. Strategy 2 – Develop and maintain local and national partnerships with advocacy organizations and community-based nonprofit organizations to affect policy change related to English learners and English language teaching professionals.
  3. Strategy 3 – Empower MinneTESOL members and community partners to be effective advocates for their students, their programs, themselves, and for one another.
  4. Strategy 4 – Provide employment resources for membership, including notices of job opportunities on the MinneTESOL website and in the monthly newsletter

Outcome 3: Elevate
Fostering the professional development of our members:

  1. Strategy 1 – Continue to offer high-quality professional development opportunities at the annual Minnesota English Learner Education Conference through engagement with nationally renowned keynote speakers and sessions with evidence-based practices highlighting practical tools and/or strategies for teachers.
  2. Strategy 2 – Disseminate and leverage relevant, thought-provoking content through the MinneTESOL Journal, linking theory and practice of interest to teachers, researchers, teacher educators, and the many others whose work touches the lives of English learners.
  3. Strategy 3 – Collaborate with regional TESOL affiliates to attend and present at their respective conferences, fostering a greater understanding of the issues and opportunities for EL professionals.
  4. Strategy 4 – Identify and pursue opportunities to increase and diversify MinneTESOL’s membership.
  5. Strategy 5 – Increase the consistency and effectiveness of communication with membership regarding English Language Learning events and opportunities.