These 2.5 hour workshops take place on Friday, November 4, 2:30-5:00 p.m. They are a great form of professional development.  Pre-Conference Workshop registration is completely optional, and is NOT included with basic Conference registration (above) — sign up for Pre-Conference Workshops in addition to your regular Conference registration.

1.  Teaching Computer Skills for Language Learning and Critical Thinking, led by  Jessica Grace Jones

Computers are a growing part of life and work in the U.S. but many of our students are only learning to use educational software like Rosetta Stone.  This session explores ways to integrate basic computer skills, such as word processing and Internet navigation, into the ESL or ABE classroom in ways that foster language acquisition, work readiness, and critical thinking skills.  Activities presented in this session are appropriate for learners with intermediate to advanced reading levels.  Participants in this workshop will discuss language and critical thinking outcomes achieveable through group computer projects.  We will examine a sample unit that integrates computer, language and critical thinking skills and participants will make plans for one activity that they would like to implement in their ABE setting.

2.  Collaborative Teaching:  Marriages Made in Heaven. Led by Ann Mickelson Hebble and Patrice Husak

Nationwide there is a massive movement to bring ELL teachers into the mainstream classroom.  This feat is easier said than done!
Ann and Patrice will take you along on their personal journey to ELL collaboration within the content classroom.  Their shared experiences are intended to help you prioritize, plan for, and begin your own collaborative instruction.  Bring your inquiries and thoughts, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the collaborative roller coaster ride!
3.  ELL Advocacy — You Can Do It! Led by Susan Ranney and Debbie Hadas
This hands-on workshop will include a discussion of the various ways we can advocate for our students, their families, and our profession. Topics will include the Dream Act, NCLB, and funding for ELL programs and teacher development. You will work in groups to come up with concrete ideas to take action. Come and be inspired!
4.  Recipes for Building a Successful and Inclusive ESL Program: How To Get Your Colleagues and Administration On Board. Led by Melissa Goldberg and Mary Moeller.
This workshop will provide best practices for developing a successful and inclusive ESL program. Using experiences from her own ESL program development in the Bloomington Public Schools , Melissa will discuss strategies to help balance being both an ESL advocate and a respectful, supportive colleague. Participants will learn how to increase collaboration between the ESL teacher, mainstream colleagues and administration, discuss the successes and challenges within their own school contexts and brainstorm solutions to make their own ESL programs a success.
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