MinneTESOL Executive Board 2015

Executive Board Members

The 2015 MinneTESOL Executive Board
MinneTESOL 2015 Executive Board: (back row) Amy Hewett Olatunde, (middle row, L-R) Kristin Klas, Crystal Rose, Patsy Vinogradov, Jen Vanek; (front row) Catherine Clements, Suzanne McCurdy, Kristi Herman Hill, Michelle Benegas.



Michelle Benegas, benegas@umn.edu


Past President

Jill Watson, jakw227@gmail.com


1st Vice President

Amy Marie Hewett-Olatunde, ahewett01@hamline.edu


2nd Vice President

Kristin Klas, kristink@hmong.org


3rd Vice President

Crystal Rose, rosex466@umn.edu



Patsy Vinogradov, patsyvino@yahoo.com



Jen Vanek, vanek008@umn.edu


Membership Relations Director

Suzanne McCurdy, suzanne.mccurdy@gmail.com


External Relations Director

Kristi Herman Hill, khermanhill@gmail.com


Southeast Regional Officer

Sam Ouk, souk@faribault.k12.mn.us


Southwest Regional Officer

Kelly Moon, kelly.moon@isd518.net


Mid-Central Regional Officer

Valorie Arrowsmith, varrowsmith@scred.k12.mn.us


Please direct general questions to our Executive Assistant:

Catherine Clements, cleme050 (at) umn.edu


What’s the Board been up to?

Find Executive Committee and Board minutes HERE


MinneTESOL Handbook
MinneTESOL Bylaws 2013, approved at the Fall Conference, November 2013.