Why Têt Is Important to Me
by Duyen Do, Roosevelt Elementary School, Virginia, MN
Length of time studying ESL: 4 ½ years
Current ESL Teacher: Deb Meissner

A belief or a tradition of mine that is important to my family and I is celebrating Têt. It’s a thing we do and what we celebrate. I celebrate it because I’m a Vietnamese-American. Têt is a holiday that people celebrate in Vietnam. When my parents lived in Vietnam, they played a betting game during Têt. They ate watermelon because it’s the tradition. They also ate bâ?h tét, a dessert made of sweet rice on the outside and green beans on the inside and wrapped in green banana leaves.
My family celebrates Têt by putting tangerines on a plate and put the plate on the living room table before Têt. Têt is also called Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year. Têt is an occasion for all Vietnamese people to share a common ideal of peace and love. Têt is a time for both farmers and land to rest. If you are being very mean or rude on Têt, you won’t be very lucky. Parents give their children money in red envelopes on Têt. Têt is a festival after harvest. During Têt, all actions should be pure and beautiful. Têt is important to me because if I throw those traditions away it wouldn’t be more special. Sometimes I do stuff like Americans do and I do stuff like Vietnamese do. If I grow up and have children, I would keep some of the traditions I did when I was little. That is why Têt is important to me.