Eid – A Special Celebration for Me
by Khadra Mohamed, North Senior High School, North Saint Paul
Length of time studying ESL: 2 years
Current ESL Teacher: Janelle Fischler

Eid is a general term for a traditional Muslim celebration.  There are two major Eid Celebrations.  One, the celebration of the end of the month-long Ramadan fast.  The other Celebration is the ending of the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca).  Nobody is actually sure when Eid Day is, but my family and I are always prepared for this day.  This day is very special in our culture.  It is a very exciting and holy time.
Children are the main focus of the Eid.  They receive toys, and other gifts from family and friends.  An important part of Eid is that children learn to respect the elders in their community.  The traditional act of kissing the hand of an elderly person is a sign of respect.  Families come together this day, along with their children and grandparents to celebrate this joyful event.  The main reason of the Eid is for a community to come together.  Many happy memories are shared in such events.  For example, going to the Mall of America and having a big dinner is what my family does every year.
Many people decorate their houses for Eid.  My mom and I usually do the decorations all by ourselves.  We use flowers, ribbons, and lots of colored lights.  The day before Eid, my mom and I cook a lot of different food.  Sambusa is my favorite!  It is a triangle stuffed with meat, celery, onions, and green peppers.  These are very spicy!  Everyone has new clothes for Eid.  The last few nights of Ramadan it is almost impossible to get into the shops, because everyone is buying their clothes.  Everyone buys something new for Eid.
On the morning of Eid everyone gets up early to go to the prayers.  These are special prayers said only at Eid.  They are held only in special mosques or big mosques.  The prayers are done just after sunrise for about 80 minutes, so in the Winter months it is very early.
Eid is special to me because of the gifts I receive and seeing my family members that I have not seen in a long time.  We also have fun and eat different foods.  And every year I look forward to this moment.  I feel happy about Eid every year.  The special thing about Eid is all Muslims celebrate it.  I get a warm feeling of love every time I think about this beautiful tradition.