I Made an Important Decision
by Rebeca Robles, Metro North Adult Basic Education, Blaine, MN
Length of time studying ESL: 9 months
Current ESL Teacher: Zsuzusanna Matika

My life has had important events happen where I have had to make decisions in minutes.
One event that I won’t forget. One day, my husband, my son, Adrian, who was five years old, and I went to a small supermarket in Mexico. My husband didn’t leave the car. My son and I went into the supermarket. Inside the door was a gang with guns. They were robbers! One robber told me to come into the store and to give him my money. He had a gun. I needed to protect my son. I said that I wouldn’t enter. I pushed the robber, took the hand of my son and went to the car. Another robber went to the car and told my husband, “Give me your money and your watch!” The robber took my husband’s watch and I said to him, “My husband doesn’t have money.” I opened my purse and gave him my coins. I was very angry. I cried out, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” Then the robber ran off into the street.
I’m glad I had made the decision to protect my family.