New Information About Teaching Licensure for Adult Basic English

Subd. 3. [ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE.] Notwithstanding subdivision 2, a person who possesses a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English as a second language, applied linguistics, or bilingual education, or who possesses a related degree as approved by the commissioner, shall be permitted to teach English as a second language in an adult basic education program that receives funding under section 124D.53.

In last year’s (1999) legislative session, ESL educators saw the passage of legislation that enables holders of a degree in ESL to teach ESL in Adult Basic Ed programs without a license.

The legislation says that an individual who holds a degree in ESL or a related area may teach ESL in an ABE program without a license. There is nothing in the legislation about a provisional or temporary license. To have a degree is to be able to teach. This is an emergency measure.

For the long term, the University of Minnesota is now offering the option of combining its M.A. in ESL with ABE licensure, as described below.

Persons interested in simultaneously earning an M.A. in ESL and Adult Basic Education Licensure at the University of Minnesota would be required to take 1-2 courses above and beyond the existing courses for the M.A. Licensure requirements will change in 2001. Those who want to graduate before then will need to take TWO courses beyond the M.A. in ESL. Those who graduate in 2001 or later will need to take ONE course beyond the M.A. in ESL, a course in counseling.

To do this combined degree program, persons must take the following courses:

Ling 5001: Intro to Linguistics (4 credits)
Ling 5505: Intro to SLA (3 credits)
TESL 5401 and 5402: Language Analysis for Teachers of ESL (4, 4 credits)
TESL 5721: Methods in Teaching ESL (3 credits)
TESL 5722: Practicum in Teaching ESL (3 credits)

TESL 5724: Intro to Language Assessment (3 credits)
AdEd 5201: Intro to Adult Literacy (3 credits)
AdEd 5203: Methods in Teaching Adult Literacy (3 credits)

ONE of these courses in counseling or an equivalent:
EdPsych 5432: Individual Career Development (3 credits)
EdPsych 5433: Counseling Women (3 credits)
EdPsych 5434: Counseling Adults in Transition (3 credits)

Before 2001, ONE of these courses*:
AdEd 5101: Strategies for Teaching Adults (3 credits)
AdEd 5102: Adult Learning and Development (3 credits)
*Both available next year on ITV on Saturdays.

Plan B’s: ONE of the two Plan B projects MUST be a teaching portfolio.

In the next few years, there are plans to add to the number of courses being offered via ITV so that teachers throughout the state can take them; these ITV courses are likely to be the AdEd courses, at least initially. The ITV option will be most attractive to those who currently hold the MA in ESL and want to add AdEd coursework to make themselves eligible for ABE licenses.