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    Morris, MN

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    Bachelor's or Master's

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Great summer work opportunity! Contact me (Nancy Pederson, npederso@morris.umn.edu) for more info, or apply directly on the UMN job site (http://humanresources.umn.edu/jobs/, job 328852).
SUMMER TEACHING! Mid-July to mid-August, in an awesome program at the University of Minnesota, Morris.
1. Plan and teach English as a second language classes following curriculum guidelines (90% of job)
a. Teach an average of 3 hours/day of ESL courses as determined by the program; (a) specific language skill (s) (reading/writing, speaking/listening, or American culture)
b. Attend academic content courses as observer and support for the faculty member leading the course
2. Participate in grading and assessment duties, including but not limited to:
a. Regular, systematic classroom level assessment of student performance
b. Maintaining records of performance and assigning a final grade for the student/course
c. Assist in making recommendations for student course load for fall semester
d. Assessment of effectiveness of the program
3. Participate in meetings as well as in administrative and record keeping tasks, including but not limited to:
a. Preparatory meetings the week of July 15, before courses start
b. Regular weekly meetings to discuss curriculum, student performance
c. A final wrap-up/program assessment meeting the week following the end of the program
Other Functions: Provide other student support (5% of job), Be available to students 3 hours/week during “office hours”; Participate in at least one weekend excursion (5% of job); Lead and participate in one of the program’s weekend activities, This includes developing material appropriate to the weekend excursion, which applies the week’s learning to the weekend excursion, This also includes developing a task that students will complete, and the assessment of that task
Minimum/Essential Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required; Experience teaching ESL; Excellent communication skills; Demonstrated competence in intercultural communication
Preferred Qualifications: Master’s degree in TESL or related field;3 years’ experience teaching ESL in higher education; Overseas instructional experience