1 April 2021

Supporting High School and College SLIFE Students

  The MinneTESOL College Interest Section and MinneSLIFE present Supporting High School and College SLIFE Students. Join us for a presentation by Sam Ouk, the Equity and Multilingual program Coordinator for Faribault Public…
29 February 2020

Secondary Interest Section Meeting @ MIA

Please join us on Saturday, February 29th at 1:45 pm to see Minneapolis Institute of Art’s exhibit of When Home Won’t Let You Stay: Art & Migration, which examines “how contemporary artists are responding to the migration, immigration,…
11 April 2019

Everything E.L.

Come and talk with colleagues about everything EL at Eastlake Brewery in Midtown Global Market. Eastlake serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and outside food is allowed within the space. We hope you can come to share in rich discussion! We do have some updated information…
16 July 2018


Language Difference or Disorder: How Do You Know?

The text below reviews dynamic assessment as it is applied to discerning a language difference versus a language disorder, specifically in children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The history of dynamic assessment, basic principles, benefits and tips for application will also…
16 July 2018


Framing the Issue

We are pleased to bring you the 2018 Volume 34 (Spring) issue of MinneTESOL Journal! This issue focuses on advocacy and instructional practice resting on the strengths and unique identities of English Language Learners (ELLs) of all ages, and offers two…
16 July 2018


Labels as Limitations

The authors review the educational and political rationales for school-based labels for students, teachers and programs, particularly with respect to learners identified as needing English language and literacy support.  They examine the ways in which labels can communicate unintended messages that can…