Skill  Name LINK Context Notes
 TED Talks LINK  Secondary – adult  Academic content. Transcripts available. Downloadable videos and audio
 VoiceThread LINK  All  Create, share, and comment on images, presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. Free, but account required.
Voices of America English LINK All Can choose “Let’s Learn English” videos to work on specific pronunciations, or can watch/listen to current events.
GoNoodle LINK All Dance videos and instructions for students to follow along and get moving!
Listenwise LINK All Narrated and audio stories with comprehension questions to work on listening skills.
 Vocaroo LINK  All  Very easy voice recording. No account required.
 ChatterPix LINK  All  App. Easily make pictures talk
 Voki LINK  All  Create your own speaking avatar.
 Audacity  LINK  All  Open-source cross-platform sound recording program. Can be used for voice recording.
 VoiceThread  LINK  All  Create, share, and comment on images, presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. Free, but account required.
Online Voice Recorder LINK Easy and free way to quickly record your own voice and share audio with others.
Story Line Online LINK PreK-Middle Famous actors read famous books. No account required.
Newsela LINK All News service that scales authentic articles to yru learner’s lexile levels. Includes
Readtheory LINK All Personalized reading comprehension exercises for students.Student led, independent. Program will adjust difficulty based on students’ responses and interactions.
Storybooks Canada LINK All Multiple languages available. Low level readers with high visual support, simplified sentences, and audio readings attached.
ESL Literacy Readers (Bow Valley College) LINK Made for adult, but could work for any Low level readers with high visual support, simplified sentences, and audio readings attached.
ReadWorks LINK K-12 Leveled reading passages about a variety of topics.
CommonLit LINK K-12 Leveled reading passages about a variety of topics from diverse perspectives.
Unite for Literacy LINK Elementary, Middle School Ebooks with audio in English or Spanish and written translation in many languages.
Epic! LINK Elementary Ebooks about a variety of subjects, visually presented. Free access until June 30th.
Actively Learn LINK All Text and videos for ELA, SS, and Science with comprehension questions and data tracking. Free until end of school year.
Starfall LINK Early Elementary Kids games, movies, books, K-3.
Hennepin County Library LINK All Check out ebooks and get a temporary ecard for those who live in Hennepin County.
Google Docs LINK All Shareable documents online.
PB Works LINK All Allows online writing collaboration, like Google Docs, but without being Google. Aesthetically pleasing, relatively easy to use. Free educational account available.
Really Great Reading Letter Tile Playground LINK Elementary Use letter tiles to spell out words. Can use a variety of grammar foci (consonants, prefix/suffix, etc.)
Padlet LINK All Create websites in an interactive, collaborative platform.
ReadWriteThink LINK All A variety of writing activities for students to try.
EDpuzzle LINK Higher Ed Tool for embedding quizzes into videos
Socrative LINK Secondary– Up Assessment, including team competitions
Kahoot LINK Any Quick assessment. No download.
Nearpod LINK Middle school – up Platform for creating and broadcasting interactive lessons with quizzes.
Wordwall LINK All Create quizzes that are interactive or printable.
Pear Deck LINK All Use with Google Slides to make interactive assessments.
Quizzizz LINK All Free tools to teach and learn anything, on any device, in‑person or remotely.
Somali Language Tech Help Tutorials for Technology (in Somali) LINK All Helpful for explaining how to use and download different technology for distance learning. All in Somali.
Videos BrainPOP ELL LINK Any Leveled content focused on language development. Highly visual videos. Request free access.
Flash cards Quizlet LINK Any Online flashcards. Can be freely shared. Premium account has quizzing and competition options.
Flash cards Boom Cards LINK Any Free during crisis. Self-grading exercises that are gamified for students and provide data to teachers.
Flash cards Tiny Cards LINK Any Can create your own deck, or use those from other users. Picture flashcards supported.
Presentations PowToon LINK Secondary Animated presentations
QR codes QR Code Generator LINK All Easily create a QR code for students to scan. No account required.
Screencasting Screencastomatic LINK All Create screencasts. Free with voiceover/narration, but a paid account is required to capture computer audio.
Screencasting Screencastify LINK All Create screencasts. Extension in Chrome.
Screencasting Open Broadcaster Software LINK All Open and free resource for recording/screencasting and livestreaming.
Pictionary Skribbl LINK All Easy to use Pictionary for a group t
Teleconferencing Zoom LINK/ All Easy teleconferencing. Free account is limited to 45 minutes per call. Contact MinneTESOL to use our paid account.
Teleconferencing Google Meet LINK All Embedded in Google Classroom, students can click a link to hop onto video meeting.
Platform Seesaw LINK All Students use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio. Teachers find or create activities to share with students.
Math XtraMath LINK Elementary Math fact fluency program. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
Math Illustrated Math Dictionary LINK All Visually defines complex math terms with examples.
History/Science Smithsonian LINK All Vast array of resources to explore on many topics. A lot of rich language.
Non-instructional materials
COVID-19 CLUES Coronavirus Resource Center LINK Compilation of resources available for families as a result of COVID-19. Mainly for immigrants/refugees. Also informational text (Eng/Span) about COVID-19.
Networking WIDA Educator Exchange LINK/ Facebook group for ELL educators looking to share resources and network
Ideas on teaching ELLs Colorin Colorado’s ELL Educator Group LINK Great resource to get ideas and opinions about ELL instruction from around the country.
Communication / Interpretation TalkingPoints App LINK For communicating with families in home language. Free during crisis.
Communication / Interpretation Google Translate LINK For communicating with families in home language.
Communication / Interpretation Google Voice LINK For communicating with families in home language (via text).
Tips Larry Ferlazzo LINK Great tips and ideas for distance learning with ELLs. Blog on EdWeek.
Tips Regional Centers of Excellence LINK Compilation (much like this one) of ideas and best practices for Distance Learning with ELLs.
Coloring Sheets Ricardo Levins Morales LINK Local artist with free coloring pages centered around themes to help students deal with emotions during the pandemic.
Tips Home Learning Tips LINK Highly recommended article to help parents supporting student learning at home