MinneTESOL 2020-2021 Executive Board Call for Nominations

MinneTESOL is pleased to open its call for Executive Board nominations to the general membership.  All board members are required to attend four annual meetings (in January, May, September, and November/December after the annual conference) and provide timely communication relating to all duties. Each of the following positions carries the perk of partial funding to attend the national TESOL conference once per term.

See the position descriptions below and nominate a colleague (or yourself!) for available positions on the MinneTESOL Executive Board. All nominees must be members of MinneTESOL. Thank you for your participation!

All nominations are due Friday, November 6, 2020.

First Vice President (1-year term, 3-year commitment)

The 1st Vice President assists the President and serves as President in the absence or disability of the President. This person serves as a liaison to the Executive Board for all Interest Section and Standing Committees, except the Conference Program Committee. 

The 1st Vice President succeeds the President in the following year and then serves one final year on the board after that as Past President for a total of three years of service.

A good fit for: leaders, strong communicators, idea people, passionate advocates for ELLs and EL educators

Third Vice President/Conference Co-Chair (1 year term2-year commitment)

The 3rd Vice President assists the 2nd Vice President as co-chair of the annual fall MELEd conference.  The 3rd Vice President succeeds the 2nd Vice President in the following year for a total of two years of service.  

Note: This position carries a significant time commitment.  Plan on sharing ongoing duties with the 2nd Vice President throughout the year, including up to 5-10 hours/week in Feb/March and 10-15 hours/week from August until the fall conference.

A good fit for: organized, detail-oriented multi-taskers, excellent communicators with enthusiasm and ideas for our ever-expanding conference!


The Treasurer works with the Executive Assistant and supervises the financial health of the organization. The Treasurer oversees MinneTESOL fundraising and scholarships and any revisions to the organization's financial policies.

A good fit for: practical thinkers, good stewards of financial records

Regional Officer(s)

Regional Officers serve as a liaison to members in Greater Minnesota (outside of the Twin Cities metro area) and promote, plan, and/or facilitate local workshops and seminars held by regional MinneTESOL members. 

Ready to nominate a colleague or yourself for one of these exciting positions?

Submit your nomination here!

To nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the open MinneTESOL Executive Board positions, please complete the above form by Friday, November 6.

Please submit multiple nomination forms if you'd like to nominate multiple people. All nominees MUST be active members of MinneTESOL.

Please direct your questions to 1st Vice President of MinneTESOL:

Leah Kronick |  lkronick@umn.edu


2020 Executive Board
2020 Executive Board

Executive Board Members

President Darren LaScotte
Past President Laura Lenz
1st Vice President Leah Kronick
 2nd Vice President Ghaida Shamsan
Treasurer Kate Trexel
Secretary Brian Cashman
Membership Relations Director Krista Chong
External Relations Director Leah Soderlund
Southeast Regional Officer Jessica Quiñonez
Mid-Central Regional Officer Valorie Arrowsmith
MinneTESOL Journal Representatives  Jen Ouelette-Schramm, Jen Vanek

Please direct general questions to our Executive AssistantCatherine Clements, admin @ minnetesol.org

What's the Board been up to? Find Executive Committee and Board minutes HERE