Adult Interest Section


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Favorite online resources for Adult Interest Section members!

  • Dave’s ESL Café
    • Many activity ideas and links to other sites. Extensive job postings and discussion boards.
  • The Internet TESL Journal
    • Lesson plans, activities, links, research articles and more. Popular “Conversation Questions” page.
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt graphic organizers
    • A variety of downloadable and printable graphic organizers for both adults and children.
  • Discovery Education Puzzlemaker
    • Make puzzles using vocabulary you choose. Fast and easy.
  • Breaking News English
    • Current news stories written with ELLs in mind and recorded for use in listening lessons. Complete with pre-reading/listening activities, reading/listening activities and follow-up.
  • Mpls ABE Online Computer Lab
    • Links by level and theme that learners can self-navigate.
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
    • Active learning strategies that double as formative assessment techniques.
  • New American Horizons
    • NAH is a foundation with the goal of producing professional quality teacher training videos for dissemination at no cost to the consumer. There are two core lesson videos available for viewing, six more are slated to be available soon. Extra footage will be made into “themed videos”, ones in which a particular technique is highlighted.
  • ESL Library
    • You must pay for a membership to this site (roughly $40/year), but you will have access to scads of lesson plans and flashcards.
  • Wordle
    • Wordle creates word clouds out of text you provide. Use it for pre-reading, discussions, word-finds or just for fun.
  • Jennifer ESL
    • YouTube page. Jennifer has over 170 video lessons that are excellent for both students learning English and teachers / education students.
  • English with Jennifer
    • Same Jennifer as above. This site has lesson plans, study tips and a blog.
  • Bow Valley College’s extensive resources for teachers of low-literacy adult ESL:
  • ALLESL  (
    • Supports English learning for adults and children