Congratulations to the 2022 Harold B. Allen Award Recipient

Ashley Karlsson
Ashley Karlsson

Dr. Ashley Karlsson most recently served as an Education Systems Specialist with the Minnesota Regional Centers of Excellence where she provided technical assistance to local schools and districts to implement evidence-based policies and pedagogies for multilingual learners. Through her work, the Southeast Service Cooperative was recently awarded a $2.7 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education to fund Project MOMENTUM, which will improve instruction for multilingual learners throughout the state.

2021 Harold B. Allen Award Recipient: Brian Koland

Brian Koland, Roseville Area Schools 

2020 Harold B. Allen Award Recipients: Michelle Benegas and Amy Stolpestad

Michelle Benegas
Michelle Benegas
Amy Stolpestad
Amy Stolpestad

2019 Recipients: Kim Johnson and Anne Dahlman

Anne Dahlman and Kim Johnson


Harold B. Allen Award

Harold B. Allen, a professor from the University of Minnesota and noted linguist, was the founder and first president of TESOL in 1966.  Among his many achievements, he was an internationally recognized expert on regional dialects of the U.S., and he authored the Linguistic Atlas of the Upper Midwest.

MinneTESOL celebrates this connection by honoring a member of our local affiliate each year who has demonstrated particular dedication to the profession and to the organization.

Past recipients of the Harold B. Allen Award include:

2018 – Martha Bigelow, University of Minnesota 

2017 – Elaine Tarone, University of Minnesota; Kristi Hermann Hill, Saint Paul Public Schools

2016- Susan Ranney, University of Minnesota & Karla Stone, University of Minnesota

2015- Lynne Ackerberg

2014- Jackie Smith, Robbinsdale School District

2013- Ann Mabbot, Hamline University & Patsy Vinogradov, ATLAS/Hamline University

2012- Rosemary Sharkey, Dakota Prairie Adult Basic Education

2011- Debbie Hadas, Apple Valley High, Deirdre Bird Kramer & Bonnie Swierzbin, Hamline University

2010- Ellen Lewin, MCTC

2009- Eric Nelson, U of M MELP

2008- Colleen Meyers, U of M ITA program

2007- Jenise Rowekamp, U of M & Betsy Parrish, Hamline University

2006- Diane Pecoraro, retired, MN Dept of Education

2005- Robin Murie, U of M General College

2004- Mike Anderson, MELP

2003- Adele Hansen, MEC

2002 – Nina Mosser, St. Paul Public Schools