College Interest Section COLLEGE

Based on the input we received in our survey last spring, the topic for this year’s College Interest Section meeting at MELEd on Saturday, November 18, will be “The Impacts of AI/ChatGPT on Teaching ESL in Higher Education.” We’d like to discuss both positive and negative impacts and consider not only how AI/ChatGPT can threaten academic integrity, but also how Artificial Intelligence might be useful to teachers of English.

Our plan is to start with a panel of teachers from our interest section who will share their experience with AI/ChatGPT in their classes. Each panelist will talk for 5-10 minutes, and they will share any of the following:

• How they have used AI as a teaching tool
• An assignment they have created in which students are asked to use AI
• An approach they have taken to discussing AI and academic integrity with students
• Something their program or college has done in regard to AI

After the panel discussion, we’ll break into small groups for continued discussion about this topic.