Greetings and Happy New Year from MinneTESOL!
At the start of this year, it is inspiring to reflect on our progress as an organization and look ahead to our future. In 2019 we held a successful conference at the St. Paul RiverCentre with over 1,000 teachers, coordinators, administrators, community stakeholders, and students in attendance. We also held several Interest Section and Standing Committee meetings throughout the Twin Cities metro area and in Greater Minnesota. Again, I want to personally thank the event organizers and attendees for their leadership and participation.

Looking ahead, we have many opportunities for continued professional development and advocacy on our calendar (see below for upcoming events). Stay tuned for more information from each Interest Section and Standing Committee as 2020 planning gets underway.

As one of the leaders of MinneTESOL, I am always interested in making our organization stronger than ever, and to do that we need your participation and input.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, our Member Relations Director, or your Interest Section/Standing Committee leader(s) with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Darren K. LaScotte
President, MinneTESOL


MELED 2019 Conference Highlights

This year’s conference had an attendance of 1040 people. If you’re looking for materials from the conference, find the archive: HERE.
If there are any additional materials you’re looking for, you can contact the presenters directly through their provided contact information in the program HERE.

Our Best Session winner was Patrick T. Randolph with Making Magic in the ELL Classroom with the Benefits of Physical Exercise. His session examined physical exercise’s powerful effects on the brain. Congratulations, Patrick!

Thank you for making MELED 2019 a success!


New Year,
New Opportunities

What is a MinneTESOL Interest Section? It is a group of people from the MinneTESOL membership who share a similar interest. Each year, the leaders of each section put on professional development and networking events to better connect that specific community.Current Interest Sections are: Elementary, Secondary, Adult, Teacher Education, and College. We also have Standing Committees who do similar work related to their topics: Early Learning, SLIFE, and Advocacy.Interested in becoming involved or being notified of upcoming events from these groups?
Log in to your MinneTESOL membership and select which groups you’d like to get notifications from.

Best of Affiliates to Present at
TESOL 2020

Congratulations Aanya DiBrito and Elizabeth Done, whose session The Interactive Classroom: Incorporating Interactive Language Strategies in the Elementary Classroom was voted 2018 Best Presentation at MELEd. They are headed to TESOL 2020 in Denver, CO, to present a Best of Affiliates session!The Interactive Classroom: Incorporating Interactive Language Strategies in the Elementary Classroom was an interactive workshop designed to help teachers build their capacity for creating interactive and engaging oral language and literacy strategies for elementary English Language Learners.

Upcoming Events

MinneSLIFE Conference 2020

MinneSLIFE is dedicated to supporting Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) and all who work with them: teachers, researchers, counselors, advocates, and community members.The 2020 MinneSLIFE Conference will be taking place at the Anderson Center at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Click for more information on MinneSLIFE

See the current MinneTESOL issue here!

MinneTESOL Journal Call for Papers!

Now is your chance to publish an article in the upcoming MinneTESOL Journal, a practitioner academic online journal.We’re looking for articles that have the following:

  • Represent a variety of language learning contexts
  • Address issues of relevance and interest to our range of practitioners
  • Draw on research to address common issues in language teaching
  • Showcase diverse thinking with new ways to solve current challenges in programs and institutions
  • Reference research and other work (APA style) related to the topic
  • Media-rich with graphics, visuals, links, or enhancements to written texts.

Length and Style: 2,500 words, somewhat conversational in style.

Submissions for the Spring issue are due February 15, 2020.

Email the senior editors to learn more about submitting work:
Jennifer Ouellette-Schramm:
Jen Vanek:

Did we miss something?

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