Jen Ouellette-Schramm and Jen Vanek

We are happy to bring you the 2019 Volume 35(2) Fall Issue of MinneTESOL Journal! This issue features 2018 Harold B. Allen Award winner Dr. Martha Bigelow’s invited piece on the importance of educators understanding pre-resettlement experiences of refugee students, an observation seen first-hand in her visit to Ali Addeh refugee camp in Djibouti. We are also pleased to share an invited piece by Dr. Ann Mabbott, who describes recent experiences bringing her ESL expertise abroad to help experienced ESL educators consider opportunities to apply professional experiences internationally. The remainder of this issue is focused on a critical yet arguably underrepresented area of ESL in adult education, with authors writing about their work spanning literacy to college classrooms. 

In her article, “‘It’s not something you can imagine⁠—it’s something you can watch’: Elders’ indigenous knowledge in beginning language and literacy classrooms,” Lisa Vogl shares an important yet rare perspective on how indigenous learning experiences shape literacy experiences among Somali elders—that of these elders themselves. Based on findings from her qualitative research, she recommends strategies for building on prior indigenous learning experiences. 

In their viewpoint piece, “College Readiness Academy: Increasing equity by removing barriers to higher education,” Madie Spartz, Norzin Waleag, Elizabeth Fontaine and Merle Greene make a case for more collaboration between higher and adult education in Minnesota. They also describe how College Readiness Academy supports adult ESL learners in accessing college.

Finally, adult ESL teacher educator Suzanne Gilchrist McCurdy reviews the second edition of the book, Teaching adult English language learners: A practical introduction, by Betsy Parrish of Hamline University.

Lastly, as the Journal continues to grow and prepares for a new phase of leadership, we offer the article, How to Get Involved in MinneTESOL Journal. This complements our session of the same title at the 2019 MELEd Conference. 

Please read, enjoy, and share the research and practice ideas in this issue of MinneTESOL Journal!